toxSYN™ ADC Payload Platform

The toxSYN™payload platform forms an integral part of the established ADC platform of Synaffix, providing a one-stop solution for technology required to rapidly translate antibodies into proprietary ADC products.  When GlycoConnect™ and HydraSpace™ are combined with the toxSYN™ payload platform, we create the possibility for essentially any company with pre-existing antibody to rapidly generate a proprietary and highly-competitive clinical-stage ADC for its own development pipeline.

All payloads offered under the toxSYN™ platform come with well-known clinical efficacy and safety profiles and span the two types of biologies that exist across all ADC targets which include rapidly-dividing cancer cells as well as quiescent cells, like cancer stem cells.

The toxSYN™ platform consists of four highly potent payloads, which span multiple mechanisms of action and come with a viable path to commercialization when functionalized using the Company’s underlying technology components from GlycoConnect™ and HydraSpace™:

  • Syneamicin – functionalized calicheamicin (DNA damaging agent)
  • SYN-38 – functionalized SN-38 (topoisomerase 2 inhibitor)
  • Synstatin E – functionalized auristatin E (microtubule inhibitor)
  • Syntansine – functionalized maytansine (microtubule inhibitor)