Enabling the next generation of ADCs

Synaffix has developed a platform ADC technology that harnesses the power of the naturally-occurring glycan, present on all antibodies, as an anchor point to differentiate the efficacy and tolerability profile of ADCs while improving manufacturability.


We are critically focused on enabling our partners with the most advanced platform technology available for the design and development of site-specific ADCs that can be targeted against a wide variety of cancer types and can generate proof-of-concept ADCs in just a matter of weeks.

Key features of Synaffix ADC technology:

• Consistently differentiated efficacy and efficacy
• No need for mAb or cell line engineering

• Homogenous and stable ADC products
• Compatible with any IgG isotype and all key payload classes
• Efficient conjugation of highly hydrophobic payloads
• Significantly reduced aggregation potential
• Tailored DAR: DAR2, DAR4 and Dual-Warhead (DAR2+2) ADC formats
• Rapid and predictable scalability to multi-gram scale
• COGs comparable to THIOmab ADCs

IP Portfolio

The Synaffix IP portfolio is comprised of 16 patent applications and granted patents that are necessary and useful to generate and sell Synaffix ADCs. Filed and granted claims cover key aspects of Synaffix ADC technology including:

GlycoConnect™      site-specific antibody conjugation technology
HydraSpace™         ADC-enhancing spacer technology
• BCN                         metal-free click chemistry