Technology Partnerships


Our vision is to be the preferred technology partner, driving continued innovation in the field of ADCs for oncology that are both safer and more effective as well as easier to manufacture.

We can generate nonclinical proof-of-concept (POC) material in just a few weeks.  Further, we enable rapid development of ADC product candidates by our partners with a timeline to IND filing as short as 12 months from preclinical POC.  This is made possible by our proprietary ADC technologies, GlycoConnect™ and HydraSpace™, which can be accessed by partners on a target-specific basis.

As a first step, we welcome the opportunity to showcase the advantages of our proprietary approach under a joint POC study. 

The potential of our technology also extends beyond ADCs, to areas such as controlled delivery, vaccines, imaging and diagnostics which we also intend to explore with interested partners.

In October 2016, Synaffix entered into a license agreement with ADC Therapeutics, which was the first announced of several undisclosed collaborations.

For more information on partnering with Synaffix, please contact:

Anthony DeBoer
Director, Business Development
+31 620 773 194

Pivot Park, RE-1320
Industrielaan 63
5349 AE Oss, Netherlands

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