AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS – February 16, 2016  Synaffix BV, a biotechnology company exclusively focused on the development of an industry-leading antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) technology, today announced that its newly constructed high potency laboratory is now fully operational.

The high potency laboratory is designed to facilitate the synthetic modification and safe handling of the most potent anti-cancer payloads and their site-specific attachment to antibodies.  This recent advancement enables Synaffix to generate gram-scale batches of ADCs for preclinical use.

“The installation of our high potency laboratory marks an important event in the evolution of our R&D capabilities here at Synaffix.  Coupled with the preexisting speed of our GlycoConnect™ technology to generate ADC material as fast as couple of weeks, the increased scale and ongoing commitment to safety will further enhance our ability to support the growing number of collaborations with biotech and pharma companies”, said Floris van Delft, Chief Scientific Officer of Synaffix.

About GlycoConnect™ and HydraSpace™

The Company’s two proprietary technology platforms, GlycoConnect™ and HydraSpace™, expand the therapeutic index (TI) of ADCs without the need for antibody engineering, while retaining the versatility to utilize any IgG isotype and payload class.

GlycoConnect™ represents a site-specific conjugation technology that utilizes the native antibody glycan for efficient attachment of cytotoxic payloads, resulting in ADCs that come with an expanded TI compared to marketed approaches.

HydraSpace™ was developed as a payload-enhancing linker to further differentiate the GlycoConnect™ technology from alternative approaches. The highly polar nature of HydraSpace™ compared to polyethylene glycol (PEG) significantly increases the conjugation efficiency of highly hydrophobic payloads, while reducing the aggregation propensity of the resulting ADC. Intriguingly, HydraSpace™ has also been shown in several occasions to significantly boost the efficacy of an ADC, compared to its PEG-based alternative.

An unprecedented attribute of HydraSpace™ furthermore lies in the optionality to increase drug loading (DAR4), including dual-warhead ADCs (DAR2+2), by a single conjugation event. Dual-warhead ADCs have two different mechanisms of action built into the same targeted therapeutic and are designed to provide superior outcomes compared to the co-administration of the two active components separately.

About Synaffix BV

Founded in 2010, Synaffix BV is a Netherlands-based biotechnology company exclusively focused on continued advancement of a best-in-class antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) technology platform.

As a leading innovator in the field of ADCs offering absolute versatility and state-of-the-art solutions, our vision is to become the preferred partner in the development of these complex biological therapeutics and realize our ambition – connect to cure™.

Synaffix is backed by a top tier, life science-focused investor syndicate including Aravis, BioGeneration Ventures, BOM Capital and MS Ventures, the strategic corporate venture capital fund of the healthcare business of Merck.

Anthony DeBoer
Director, Business Development
Synaffix BV
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